Finding Gratitude in Grief

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I miss Mom. It is the second Thanksgiving without her, and it hits me more and more how she was the proverbial glue for our family during the holidays. It may not have always been the healthiest of gatherings. Family holidays were served with the small side portion of guilt knowing how hurt and resentful Mom [...]

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Normalizing Imperfection: Swimming in the Dark

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I strive to be transparent about my idiosyncrasies, even if I know that it is a result of an inner 10 year old pitching a tantrum. This weeks drama? Jealousy... The green eyed monster that felt threatened by people more popular than me, prettier than me, and more successful than me. The little monster who was [...]

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Down to Earth: The Power of Grounding

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It is easy to forget our tools that help to be in our bodies, especially in healthy and powerful ways. This workshop is an opportunity to discuss, as a group, what it means to be grounded and anchored in magical and mundane spaces. This is a chance to take personal energetic inventory, and ask, “how grounded [...]

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