My Name is Heather Gaffney-Darnell

I am an intuitive reader, teacher, and energy healer serving the Charlotte Metro region of North Carolina. To me, the symbol of the Phoenix nest reflects a place of renewal and safety, which is what I want to provide for my clients. My healing sessions, readings and other services are intended to empower individuals in discovering their Authentic Divine Selves. My personal spiritual journey began 30 years ago when I discovered Tarot, meditation, and metaphysics. I have since energy healing to my practice. My role as a healer and teacher allows me to use my intuition with compassion and non-judgment. I have a number of tools at my fingertips to assist clients. Some of those tools are:

  • The imagery of the Tarot
  • Intuition and empathy
  • Goddess readings (which can be as powerful for men as they are for women.)
  • Reiki and intuitive healing.
  • The exploration of air, fire, water and earth and how it works to balance one’s life.
  • Guided meditation, and imagery to assist with affecting positive change and releasing personal obstacles.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique.

Each reading or healing session is designed to give information, whether it is a snapshot into a potential future or assisting one with their journey of healing and transformation.
It is my honor and privilege to be able to share my gifts with my community and the world.

More About My Services

Join me for events, classes, and opportunities to expand your knowledge, deepen your practice, and connect with community.

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My Blog: Musings about life, growth, and spirit.

User Reviews: Some love from my clients about their experience with me.

“Fantastic experience. Incredible intuition with no leading questions. She was not only helpful but also compassionate and sensitive while maintaining the honesty and integrity of the reading. Highly recommend.”


“My experience with Heather was amazing. She walked me through and helped me through some shadows that I had been experiencing. When I had a breakthrough she was able hold space via phone session and was able to nurture in an impactful way. I am so grateful for her time and energy! If you are looking to do shadow work, I highly recommend Heather.”

“One of the many things I love about Heather’s readings is that she delivers no-nonsense readings with so much love and compassion. Her psychological nature and ability to get to the root of whatever problem I’m having, as well as her ability to get into my blind spot, is remarkable. My partner had a reading with Heather and was amazed at her accuracy! Heather is very well-read, articulate and intelligent and knows the tarot like back of her hand and I will continue to get readings from her!”

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